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An innovation culture

Joining IFP Energies nouvelles’ (IFPEN) research teams is tantamount to becoming part of an internationally-respected multidisciplinary scientific community harnessing its skills in more than 50 different fields.

Innovation, the core of IFPEN research

Our research and development teams are involved in bold projects to tackle the 21st century’s focal challenge, i.e. developing new energies to power transport.
Innovation is the focal point of everything IFPEN experts do to:

  • curb CO2 emissions to mitigate the greenhouse effect,
  • develop clean, fuel-efficient vehicles,
  • diversify the fuels that will power tomorrow’s vehicles,
  • develop cleaner refining processes,
  • develop new technologies to push back the boundaries in the field of oil and gas exploration and production.


Working on IFPEN research projects means:  

  • playing an hands-on role steering innovation and feeding the 12,000-plus active patents in its portfolio,
  • investing talent in a dynamic scientific policy that stems from applied and experimental research as much as its taps the latest fundamental-research findings,
  • teaming up with partner research and development teams around the world, and mining an array of industrial-outset opportunities,
  • using very-high-technology equipment,
  • excellence (Former IFPEN Research Director Yves Chauvin was awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry),

Lastly, it may also involve opportunities to branch out into a dissemination-backed business enterprise.


Supporting researchers

IFPEN researchers are mainly responsible for:

  • fulfilling research and development assignments,
  • leading teams,
  • streamlining research in synch with operational requirements.

Scientific-documentation teams and industrial-property engineers work side by side with researchers to help them steer their projects to successful completion. All support functions are likewise available when and as their specific assistance is required.

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