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IFP Energies nouvelles has broken its purchases down into 7 categories. Each category has been assigned one or more buyers who are specialized in that area.


Our staff fulfill one of two functions:

The buyer's role begins with an expression of needs. Buyers are responsible for initiating the call for tenders, analyzing the tenders, drawing up contracts and tracking orders. Because buyers are at the center of projects, they have a cross-cutting vision of all IFP Energies nouvelles areas of activity.

The specialized buyer for a particular category:

  • analyzes IFP Energies nouvelles's purchasing requirements;
  • defines, implements and assesses purchasing strategy;
  • manages the supplier portfolio.

Procurement officer
Procurement officers are in charge of implementing, tracking and managing orders and contracts, with a particular focus on meeting deadlines.

The categories

1 - Measurement and analysis

Measurement and analysis equipment (standard or specific, chromatography, spectrometry, gas analyzers, test benches, etc.), laboratory apparatus, third-party analysis, maintenance and repair.

2 - Intellectual services

Engineering studies (engineering firms, consulting firms, etc.), specific IT developments, facilities management, training, translation, etc.

3 - Technical purchases

Turnkey equipment and facilities, studies, components (pilot units / catatest / test benches, high and low-pressure vessels, engine benches, control units, mechanical components, industrial prototypes, etc.).

4 - Consumables and supplies

Office supplies, industrial and IT supplies, laboratory consumables, chemical products, gases, furniture, health and safety, etc.

5 - IT and telecoms

Purchase and rental of hardware (networks, communication, office, scientific) and software, associated maintenance, etc.

6 - Buildings

New-build and renovation, servicing and maintenance of facilities, etc.

7 - General services

User services (travel, temping, catering, internal logistics, photocopying, personnel transportation, etc.), property services (facility management, caretaking, cleaning, grounds, sanitation, gas, etc.), transportation (couriers, freight, express deliveries, relocation, etc.).

Key figures

IFP spends approximately 100 million euros per year on products, services, work and equipment.

IFP has broken its purchases down into seven categories


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