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Basin and reservoir modeling

Modeling tools are necessary to predict and to enhance the E&P decision making process. The use of such software to characterize basins and reservoirs and to simulate fluid flows and migration allows to optimize the overall exploration or reservoir processes: minimizing the petroleum exploration risk (basin modeling) and maximizing oil & gas production (reservoir modeling).
IFPEN develops robust and powerful basin and reservoir modeling/simulation tools with advanced physics. A strong focus is made on complex and heterogeneous geological formations. Its OpenFlow Suite™ integrated solution provides a range of advanced software modules, which are seamlessly linked and grouped together in a set of streamlined workflows.
It includes the most advanced techniques in:

Aside commercial solutions, IFPEN provides advanced workflows at lower TRLs through Joint Industry Projects (JIP), open to industry sponsoring and steering.

The OpenFlow Suite™ is marketed by Beicip-Franlab.

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