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EOR and water management

Drawing on more than 30 years' experience in the field of EOR, IFPEN proposes innovative techniques through a fully integrated workflow from laboratory feasibility studies, pilot and full field optimization up to production risk assessment.

  • The EOR Alliance™, created in 2010 by three companies leaders in their respective domains: IFP Energies nouvelles, Solvay (formerly Rhodia) and Beicip-Franlab, combines the expertise of EOR leaders around the world, encompassing all EOR technologies from chemical to thermal.



We can manage your enhanced oil recovery project from end-to-end!

• Our mission: to bring the latest EOR innovations to reservoirs around the world to increase recovery factor in the most efficient manner through R&D collaborations, JIPs, laboratory studies and integrated EOR services.

Our expertise and state-of-the-art technologies solve even your most difficult reservoir challenges.

Why We’re Leaders: 



- Top engineers with expertise in EOR
- Extensive, state-of-the-art lab, simulation and industrial capabilities
- Faster and more thorough experimentation
- More robust solutions and better risk control


An in-house reservoir simulation software (PumaFlow™) marketed by Beicip-Franlab with advanced physics used from laboratory scale to full field simulation,
combined with CougarFlow™ for sensitivity analysis and risk assessment.

  • Our services on water cycle management


      JIP - Become a sponsor!

   JIP DOLPHIN (PDF - 1.9 Mo)
   Impact of Chemical EOR on Water Management


DOLPHIN program is an ambitious 3-year lab program which aims at looking at the impact of chemical EOR on surface facilities and water management, based on 2 real field cases. Partners get also access to the previous 18-month Phase, performed with Petrobras and Statoil. Workshops with all DOLPHIN partners are organized every 6 months. These workshops are very interactive: all partners discuss the lab results obtained and share their experience on operational surface issues related to chemical EOR. The annual cost is 100 Keuros and partners are required to join for the 3 years.

     GOWSP - Gas-Oil-water Separation Platform: a closed-loop facility

The GOwSP platform, a unique closed-loop facility operating with gas, crude oil and water, located in IFPEN Lyon, used for research and services studies with partners to investigate the impact of back produced EOR chemicals on fluid separation and water management.


Our strengths

o   The EOR Alliance in partnership with Solvay and Beicip-Franlab: more than 10 field feasibility studies under way and 1 pilot with customers throughout the world

o   Success Stories: a collaboration in the world's biggest two polymer injection projects: Daqing (China) and Pelican Lake (Canada)

o   The JIP DOLPHIN in the field of water cycle management with 14 major oil companies

IFPEN workshop on chemical EOR: the meeting point for EOR managers every 2 years to discuss technology breakthrough and EOR pilot feedbacks through invitation only.


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