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IFPEN is developing solutions to bring offshore fields into production and optimize oil and gas flows from the reservoir to the process facilities.

Choose the right partner for designing/qualifying innovative technologies for the ultra-deep offshore environment.

Developing and producing reserves - Poseidon Pump - Flexible Pipe


  • Offshore drilling technologies
    • Clip-Riser® technology for drilling risers. A solution designed to provide a secure connection system, and reduce the immobilization time of offshore vessels;
       close to 50 Clip Riser® strings sold to date. New generation providing improved resistance and inspection easiness.
    • 4th generation heave compensator. A new solution of Crown Block compensators with dramatically reduced air tanks, and increase hook load accuracy.
  • Risers and flowlines
    • Flexible pipes with anti-H2S sheath, (marketed by Technip): a solution for sour fluids, providing weight and cost reduction.
    • Flexible pipes with carbon fiber armors for ultra-deep offshore operations (marketed by Technip). Provides important weight and cost savings.
  • Pumping technology
    • Extensive capabilities in the fields of pumping system design: multiphase pumps for a very broad range of gas volumes fractions of up to 100% with pump power of up to 4 MW.
       Poseidon™ pump (marketed by OneSubsea for subsea applications and Schlumberger for down hole applications).
  • Riser Analysis

DeepLines™ : a software for analysis of the dynamic behavior of risers, umbilicals, and moored floating systems (marketed by Principia).

  • EOR

Complete coverage of the chain from formulation development to field application.


JIPs : Become a sponsor !

IFPEN organizes and coordinates JIPs (Joint Industry Projects), collaborative research projects bringing together several industrial partners who jointly fund a program designed to solve a given problem.
This formula means that the financial risks can be shared upstream and the research results downstream.
This sharing makes it possible to explore avenues that lead to genuine innovations and provides the partners with a real competitive edge by giving them early access to new technologies.
IFPEN is coordinating JIPs in partnership with more than 30 national and international operating companies.


      Waxy Crude Oil Flow Restartability at Low Temperatures


  •  JIP AHToL 2
      Hydrate detection and optimization of additive injection in gas dominant systems


  •  JIP HEnDI (HydratE and DIssociation)
       Assessing hydrate plug dissociation techniques


Our strengths

o  Partnerships with the sector's leading industrial players (Solvay, Beicip-Franlab, Technip, OneSubsea).

o JIPs in the fields of Flow Assurance and water cycle management with major oil companies.

o  Semi-industrial scale testing facilities
    - GOwSP for gas/oil/water separation
    - Lyre loop for Flow Assurance.


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