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IFP Group

France has already driven the emergence of powerful economic sectors on a global scale thanks to public bodies (nuclear, oil and oil-related industries, aeronautical and aerospace industries).

The IFP Group brings together reference industrial players. It is a model that has proved its worth in the field of oil and gas and is also perfectly capable of addressing the current need for the creation of industrial sectors in the field of New Energy Technologies (NETs).


Subsidiaries of the IFP Group

The objective is to turn each of these companies into benchmark players in their expertise areas. This also provides IFP Energies nouvelles with a network, thereby allowing researchers to incorporate market requirements with a view to continuously adjusting their programs to meet companies' needs.

These companies are connected to IFP Energies nouvelles through research agreements and licenses, IFP Energies nouvelles being the sole industrial property rights owner over the results. Agreements set the scope of the collaborative work in compliance with European Union rules. As such, the relationship between IFP Energies nouvelles and its subsidiaries follows business rules, similar to rules governing license agreements with companies that are not part of the IFP Group.

Within the group, stringent governance rules have been implemented between IFP Energies nouvelles and its subsidiaries. In particular, they clearly distinguish IFP Energies nouvelles’s role as a shareholder from that of technology supplier. As such, each subsidiary’s general management puts forward the strategy to their Board of directors, which sets the directions. The subsidiaries are left to manage themselves as they best see fit, while IFP Energies nouvelles exercises its role as a shareholder through various bodies (Board of directors, audit committee, strategy committee, compensation committee, etc.)
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Portfolio of industrial shareholdings

The technology transfer policy is hinged round IFP Energies nouvelles’s portfolio of shareholdings in companies that stand as benchmarks in their particular sector.
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Merger between Axens and Heurtey Petrochem

From 1 December 2016 to 5 January 2017, Axens launched a friendly takeover bid for Heurtey Petrochem, in partnership with IFP Investissements. The takeover bid was then reopened from 16 to 27 January 2017. With IFP Investissements agreeing to pass on to Axens its entire stakeholding, Axens will ultimately obtain 88.6% of the capital and 88.3% voting rights in Heurtey Petrochem. This outcome will enable Axens to work with the teams at Heurtey and Prosernat to build a benchmark technological industrial group for clean fuels and eco-efficient processes.

The new group will be active in the following segments:

  • the refining,
  • petrochemicals,
  • gas treatment,
  • biofuels,
  • and bio‑based chemical intermediates.

It will have close to 2,200 employees for a cumulative turnover of €900 million, with a strong presence in France and elsewhere.


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Key figure

More than 50%
of IFPEN resources come from the industrial development of its research