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Support for SMEs

IFPEN implements a policy of providing competitiveness support to SMEs and intermediate-sized companies, giving priority to the eco-industries sector.

Technological support for innovative companies

In most cases, this support takes the form of R&I partnerships.
IFPEN’s objective is to reinforce technology transfer towards these SMEs to ensure that the results of the partnerships are more rapidly transformed into products and services and to help them stand out on their markets. The risks are shared throughout the project and the SME pays IFPEN in the form of royalties calculated on the basis of the revenues generated by the innovation.
IFPEN also shares its expertise in the field of :

  • intellectual property,
  • project management,
  • and the industrial development of research, more broadly, with SMEs.

Each year, more than 300 new contacts are made with SMEs. As a result, some 50 projects are reviewed, leading to around 20 partnership agreements.


Involvement in numerous networks

SMEs supported by IFPEN have access to its technical resources and its expertise in more than 50 professions, as well as its very extensive network of academic and industrial partners.

For its part, IFPEN plays an active role in a number of initiatives aimed at supporting SMEs:

  • the SME pact, aimed at reinforcing relations between SMEs and large companies,
  • the HPCSME initiative, which helps SMEs evaluate the potential benefits in terms of productivity and competitiveness provided by digital simulation and highperformance computing,
  • and the Capme’up consortium– formed by the association of the three Carnot Institutes of the CEA, CETIM and IFPEN – which encourages a proactive approach by the Carnot Institutes to investment in SMEs.


Logistics support

The launch of a new company also requires logistics support, in terms of both hosting and facilities.

Such support is offered by Axel’One, the collaborative innovation platform dedicated to chemistry and the environment located in the Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes region, of which IFPEN is one of the founding members. Hosted companies are given access to premises, laboratories and experimentation facilities.

These resources include:

  • the Innovative Processes platform at IFPEN's Solaize site,
  • and IFPEN's supercalculator.


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Each year, IFPEN takes part in several regional forums to meet SMEs

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