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Microfluidics 2019: From laboratory tools to process development

13-15 novembre 2019
IFPEN Rueil-Malmaison (près de Paris) - France


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After two decades of development, microfluidics is now pushing back the boundaries to tackle a range of industrial challenges, including high-throughput experimentation, on-chip analysis, extreme conditions (pressure, temperature, etc.) and environmental footprint limitation.
As the first edition in 2015, the conference will examine these topics in detail!

The sessions will focus on:
  • Fluids and flow characterization
  • Fluid separation and on-chip analysis
  • Synthesis and performance monitoring
  • New technologies for the environment and alternative energies
Two innovative formats:

1/ Tutorial session led by internationally recognized experts:

  • Impact of miniaturization on the representativity of results
  • Microfabrication for extreme conditions
  • Miniaturized on-line analysis

2/ Debates with startuppers:

  • Start-ups and experts interviews: “from lab to market”
  • Success and non-success stories, take-home solutions


Scientific Correspondents

Claire Marlière and Marie Moiré-Marsiglia
IFP Energies nouvelles – Applied Physical Chemistry and Mechanics Division
Tel. +33 147 52 52 68


Conference Organization

Sophia Chorazewiez
IFP Energies nouvelles - Institutional Relations and Communications Division
Rueil-Malmaison – France
Tel. +33 147 52 66 86 -


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