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Carnot institute

The Carnot institutes Network

The research and innovation for industry

29  Carnot Institutes & 9 Associated Carnot *

The Carnot institutes are public research structures strongly committed to develop research collaboration that serves companies’ innovation (from SME to large-sized company) and socio-economic actors.

Carnot IFPEN-Moteurs Label

Under the authority of IFP Energies nouvelles, the IFPEN Transports Energie Carnot Institute develops efficient, clean and sustainable technological innovations in the fields of powertrain and propulsion systems, energy sectors and industrial thermal processes with CO2 capture.

Flex hybrid

A R&D center serving industry, leader in the fields of transport and energy



  • Innovative solutions to address technological challenges and market needs
    • high-efficiency, low-emission powertrains
    • powertrain electrification
    • energy optimization and onboard control
    • alternative fuels with low CO2 emissions
    • energy generation based on chemical looping combustion
  • High-performance experimental resources and digital tools resulting in innovations with reduced costs and development times
  • A proactive industrial protection policy


Technology transfer

  • Support for industrial sectors, covering a very broad range of technological readiness levels (TRL 1 to 9)
  • Transfer of our R&D results via:
    • joint product development with licensing out operations
    • strategic partnerships
    • collaborative research agreements
  • An innovation support policy, aimed particularly at micro-companies, SMEs and intermediate-sized companies


Véhicule POWERFUL - Application GECO



  • Close ties with industry: from microcompanies, SMEs and intermediate-sized companies to major industrial groups
  • A strong commitment within competitiveness clusters (Mov’eo, LUTB, Systematic, Astech, etc.)
  • A leadership of the automobile sector and the Transport Alliance within the Carnot Institutes
  • A synergy with networks of academic partners and R&D laboratories with an international influence


CARNOT IFPEN Transports Energie

* Following the Carnot 3 call for applications, 29 Carnot Institutes and nine Carnot Springboards were selected.

The Carnot Springboards are research structures that submitted applications via the Carnot call for applications process.
The Carnot selection committee considers that these structures do not currently meet all the criteria required to be a Carnot institute but that they have the potential to do so in the future. It is to take full advantage of this potential that the Springboards were selected, the aim being to obtain the Carnot label within three years.


Institut Carnot IFPEN Transports Energie
1 & 4 avenue de Bois Préau
92852 Rueil Malmaison - France
tel : +33 (0) 1 47 52 69 16
François BADIN
tel : +33 (0) 4 37 70 23 50


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Event with participation of  IFPEN Transports Energie
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For further information:

 + Download the 2014 bilan (in French)

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Interview with Gaëtan Monnier, Director of the IFPEN Transports Energie Carnot Institute

2016 activity report of the IFPEN Transports and Energy Carnot Institute

Brochures illustrating the research collaboration activity

The Carnot Institutes network anticipates market expectations and meets the needs of companies as closely as possible. The new brochure "Les instituts Carnot préparent l'avenir" (only in French version) illustrates the scientific resourcing with 34 examples. See page 42, "IFPEN Transports Energie and the exhaust gas energy recovery".

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