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International challenges

To accelerate the innovation process and thereby more rapidly address the needs of industry, IFPEN forges partnerships with research centers all over the world.

At the European level, IFPEN's structuring academic partners include:

  • The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland,
  • Politecnico di Milano (Italy),
  • University College London (UCL), England,
  • Utrecht University (The Netherlands),
  • ETH Zürich (Switzerland)

At the international level, IFPEN develops collaborations with, for example:

  • Argonne Laboratory (USA),
  • Kazan University (Russia),
  • The University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada.

Other partnerships, more focused on innovation, combine IFPEN with foreign industrialists and research organizations. This is particularly the case for research consortia, JIPs (Joint Industry Projects) and demonstration projects.

Partnerships of a more innovative nature bring together IFPEN with industrial players and foreign research bodies. In particular, this is the case of research consortiums, JIPs (Joint Industry Projects) and demonstrator projects.

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