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Developing the innovations of today and tomorrow

For IFPEN, the transition to a sustainable energy mix is reflected in actions aimed at

  • increasing energy efficiency,
  • reducing CO2 emissions,
  • and improving the environmental footprint of industry and transport,

 while meeting the global demand for mobility, energy and products for the chemicals sector.

With these objectives in mind, IFPEN develops solutions making it possible to :

  • firstly, improve existing technologies associated with the use of fossil energies
  • and, secondly, use alternative energy sources.

The aim of its research is to overcome existing scientific and technological challenges in order to develop economically competitive and energy-efficient innovations that can be used by industry

Its researchers develop technologies, software and services as part of ambitious R&I programs, hinged around three main themes:

In order to facilitate the emergence of its future innovations, IFPEN draws on a solid fundamental research program. This research represents a cross-functional bedrock the purpose of which is to address scientific questions associated with the development of new products, as well as to anticipate future requirements via prospective initiatives. It provides data, concepts and new methodologies to support IFPEN’s innovation process.
The incorporation of renewable ocean energies into IFPEN’s R&I programs illustrates this fertile continuum between prospection activities, fundamental research and technological research.

In total, some 1,200 researchers covering more than 50 fields of expertise are mobilized day to day at IFPEN’s two sites, representing the driving force behind a research strategy serving innovation and the energy transition.

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