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Terms of Use

Welcome to IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) website.
In accessing this site (hereafter "the Site"), you agree to abide by all the conditions set out below in the Terms of Use (hereafter the "Terms of Use").


The Site is the property of IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), industrial and commercial public undertaking, registered under SIREN no. 775 729 155, whose principal activity (APE: 7219Z) is research and development into the physical and natural sciences.
IFPEN's registered office is located at 1-4 avenue de Bois-Préau, 92852 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex France (Tel.: +33 1 47 52 60 00).
The Director of Publications and Editor is the Director of IFPEN Institutional Relations and Communications Division.
The site was developed by SMILE.


IFPEN holds the copyright to the various elements (publications and subjects) that make up the Site, in its capacity as originator (as the author or producer further to the intellectual property rights established by French law and European and International law) or by virtue of an assignment of rights (from the holders of the original rights) whose scope, as defined contractually, it shall respect and have respected, on pain of being held liable [for violation].
Consequently, all the information that you see, hear or read on the Site, as well as the Site itself, is protected by copyright. Therefore, you are bound to respect all present and future intellectual property rights and, in particular, to refrain from reproducing, summarizing, translating, adapting, modifying, altering or redistributing the articles, studies, logos, models, subjects etc., which make up the content of the Site to large numbers of people or for collective use, even free of charge, without the prior written authorization of the publisher.
Any reproduction, representation, communication, redistribution or making available of the elements referred to above (especially by electronic means, the Internet or an Intranet or in order to build up an archive), whether in whole or in part, without the written consent of the Site's publisher, shall constitute an infringement, and a violation of the rights of the producer of the database which are sanctioned by French, European and International law. IFPEN reserves the right to bring proceedings, including criminal proceedings, on the grounds of any infringement.
Such information can be used with IFPEN's authorization in the following ways: 

  • For educational purposes, certain elements may be distributed, in whole or in part, for teaching or research purposes, provided that the source (author's name, company logo etc.) and the publication are respected, and provided the information is provided free of charge.
  • For university research purposes
  • As news
  • As a reference
  • In order to be reproduced for strictly private use and not for collective use
  • As a short quotation when the extract does not represent an essential part of the work in question, even if it must be brief. Any extract quoted must only be ancillary: the work in which it is incorporated must make sense if it is removed. Likewise, short quotations, as well as the use of non-substantial extracts, must not lead to methodical or systematic references of a type [likely to lead to] the undue exploitation of the initial work without regard for the legitimate rights of the copyright holder.
  • For reproduction or archive purposes on a temporary basis



All quotations and hyperlinks must respect the source (author's name, date and place of publication) and must mention the [intellectual property] rights referred to above. The hyperlink, defined as being any technical means by which web users may be redirected from one Internet site to another, must necessarily open a window that recalls the original site. However, any hyperlink from a site for which charges are imposed must have the prior authorization of IFPEN. (For the purposes hereof the term "web users" means all individuals or legal entities who have access in a private capacity without the possibility redistribution to another site).
IFPEN reserves the right to require the deactivation and deletion of any link, if such link is likely to harm IFPEN and/or its financial or non-pecuniary interests, and, in particular, if such link contradicts IFPEN's editorial policy which is intended to promote scientific methods.
Furthermore, IFPEN provides hyperlinks from its Site to other affiliated and non-affiliated sites. These sites are independent of the Site. IFPEN neither publishes nor controls these sites. Such links do not constitute mutual approval or indicate any partnership between IFPEN and these sites under any circumstances. Hence, IFPEN shall not be held liable for any content, products, publicity or any elements or services presented on these sites.
We wish to remind you that affiliated and non-affiliated sites are subject to their own Terms of Use and privacy protection policies.


Persons seeking prior authorization should contact us at: IFPEN Communications Division, 1-4 avenue de Bois-Préau, 92852 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex France, or by e-mail at:


IFPEN or any other authorized party that takes action in connection with the Site shall not be held liable for any damage that might result from access to or use of the Site, including all damage and viruses which might infect IT equipment or anything else.
IFPEN shall make every reasonable effort to keep all specific information published on the Site up to date and it shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions.
You agree to indemnify, defend and protect IFPEN as well as its directors, managers, employees, representatives, licence holders or any other persons involved in the creation, production and distribution of the Site against all claims, liability, and the related costs and expenses arising as a result of any violation on your part of the conditions set forth in these "Terms of Use" or in relation to your use of the Site.


The Site shall be set up and administered by IFPEN, whose registered office is located in France. IFPEN is governed by French law and all disputes shall be referred exclusively to the courts of Nanterre, France. Web users who access the Site from countries other than France, must ensure that they act in accordance with locally applicable laws.


IFPEN reserves the right for any reason and at its sole discretion to cancel, modify, suspend or interrupt access to the whole, or part, of the Site, including, in particular, its content, functions or times of availability, without prior warning.
You recognize and accept that in using the Site, you are personally responsible for all the necessary equipment enabling you to connect to the Internet and that you must pay the required charges, accordingly.


For all information relating to our data protection and privacy policy, please consult our Privacy.


IFPEN reserves the right to change, or more generally, to update the conditions set forth in these "Terms of Use" at any time and without prior warning. Therefore, we advise you to consult said conditions regularly.


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